Fix Dried up Eye liner for GOOD

I personally love gel or cream eyeliners, they are so pigmented, stay put for hours and absolutely dreamy to work with. But unfortunately, they have a short shelf life due to untimely drying up or cracking up. Good gel liners do cost more than regular liquid or pen liners so replacing them is a real heart break.

But not to worry cause we are here with another great easy fix up for your gel and cream base liners. I am going to show you two very basic methods to revive your eyeliners. You can try either based on the degree of drying. So let’s get started:

Things you need:

  • Dried up gel eyeliner
  • Unscented Baby oil
  • Lubricant eye drops
  • Tooth picks
  • Tissues


The first method- Baby oil

I am using unscented baby oil for my MAC gel liner which has cracked up to a next level. As you can see from the picture, this eyeliner has separated all together so I am going to use few drops of baby oil to revive it back to life.




  • Start with poking some holes in the dried eyeliner using a clean toothpick



  • Add few drops of unscented baby oil- depending upon the quantity of the eyeliner and its degree of drying. I have added 2- 3 drops of oil, in case you accidentally add more than the required amount just use a Q-tip to absorb the excess oil.



  • The dried gel will soak up all the oil and make your job easy. Use a toothpick to mix the oil properly and make sure all the dried crumbs are broken and mixed well to form a firm creamy paste.



  • Stop mixing once you achieve the desired paste like consistency. Then take a clean tissue and wipe out the edges of the jar to get a cleaner look.



Before (left) and After (right)


Second Method – Eye Drops

This method is for the cream base eyeliner or for gel liners that are still in the beginning phase of drying up. Contrary to the common notion online, you cannot use any eye drops for this purpose. Only the lubricant eye drops are safe, as they function the same as our tear film and does not irritate the eyes.


I am using carboxy methyl cellulose eye drops, other available options are- polyethylene glycol or dextran eye drops.

  • Start with poking some holes in the liner using a toothpick



  • Add few drops of eye lubricant to the dried Eye liner



  • Mix it together using a toothpick till you get an even paste like consistency.



  • Use a tissue to clean off the edges of the jar







So these are the 2 very basic and easy methods to bring you dried eyeliners back to life. I hope that it helps you out and saves your pocket from dried eyeliner torture. Until next time, have a great day.





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