​Letter to DEAR PAPA (1 min read)


You will always be my first love, even if I am not yours. I don’t know whether you prayed for having me, as I have never heard the story of my birth due to the huge communication gap between us. The irony is, it is considered as a mark of respect between a father and a daughter.

While growing up, I knew you loved me, held me and kissed me, until I reached a certain age where hugging your own daughter became inappropriate. I remember how awkward you used to feel while taking me out for shopping, as you feared the horror of other males staring at me. But still, I was sure that in your awkwardness lied your possessiveness.

Dear Papa, you were my biggest support throughout my childhood, even though we hardly had any heart to heart conversation. Still, I knew that our hearts were connected, until one day you married me off to a stranger without considering my wish. I know you did your best and had the right intention in your heart.

You know papa my cooking, washing, and ironing skills have improved so much. Now, I can even clean the whole house by myself, without making any excuses of exams or friends. But your son-in-law doesn’t cherish me, as I am, also not his first love. I feel rejected and neglected. Papa is this what you call marriage? Mummy says it is, but I yearn for your approval over this.

Dear Papa, I want to leave this loveless relationship, will you support me this time?

Will you again consider me as a part of you? Can you look above the societal norms and pressures?Can you just be my father, who will always have my back?


With all the love in my heart

Your Daughter



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